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Develop your members’ skills, networks and reputation while enhancing your association’s goodwill

Professional Associations are facing increasing demands from members and receiving more requests for donations and support from the voluntary sector than ever before. With limited budgets, many are looking for strategic ways beyond financial donations to demonstrate their commitment to strengthening communities and member skills. The BoardMatch Fundamentals Program benefits members by enabling them to become involved in their community in a meaningful way while developing skills, networks and reputation. The professional associations sponsoring this program benefit by enhancing their reputation as good corporate citizens, by aligning themselves with their members' values, and by gaining more committed skilled and satisfied members.

Opportunities for professional associations:

Promote BoardMatch Fundamentals in Your Association

  • Organize an in-house BoardMatch Fundamentals Orientation or Information Session - Contact Us
  • Provide information about BoardMatch Fundamentals to your members- you can e-mail information to members, provide a link to from your Association’s intranet, include information in your Association newsletter and put up flyers about BoardMatch Fundamentals.

Promote BoardMatch Leaders in Your Association
The BoardMatch Leaders program provides an opportunity for high potential employees to develop and enhance their leadership skills by working on the board of directors of a charity or not-for-profit of their choice. Classroom and online learning sessions and facilitated board placement support provide the employee with the knowledge and competencies to serve effectively on a voluntary sector board. Click here  for more information on BoardMatch Leaders.

Individual Learning Outcomes

A study conducted by American Express and the Volunteer Consulting Group of New York determined the following key benefits of serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit:

 Thought Leadership
  • Creating innovative solutions
  • Shaping strategic vision
  • Thinking conceptually & analytically
Results Leadership
  • Demonstrating initiative & accountability
  • Pursuing learning & development
  • Using management expertise

 Relationship Leadership

  • Collaborating effectively by valuing diversity
  • Attracting & developing talent
  • Influencing & negotiating effectively
  • Leveraging networks