Registered Charities / Not for Profits
Increase Capacity Improve Governance Increase Accountability

Recruit skilled and enthusiastic board members

Participate in the BoardMatch Fundamentals Orientation and online learning modules and link into resources related to board governance and voluntary sector management.

In the current climate of challenges in the voluntary sector, many organizations are looking for ways to operate more efficiently, increase their donor base and forge links with the community. It is vital that organizations not only recruit board members who have the dedication and skills to help them meet these challenges but that they recruit board members who reflect the diversity of the community they serve. Boards must employ innovative approaches to recruit candidates with specific skills in such areas as, finance, marketing, information technology, engineering, public relations, fundraising, law, sales, operations, social services and human resources and those candidates often under-represented from the community such as youth and various ethnic groups.


CAUTION: BoardMatch Fundamentals does not pre-screen nor verify background information provided by prospective board candidates and participating agencies. Parties are encouraged and expected to engage in their own due diligence exercise as the matching process progresses.

Benefits to the charity

  • Improve governance
  • Increase accountability
  • Create diversity of skills, backgrounds and age
  • Increase capacity

BoardMatch Fundamentals Candidate profiles include:

  • Individuals with backgrounds in accounting, engineering, finance, human resources, law, information technology, marketing, public relations, operations, sales, etc.

  • Post-secondary degree (preferred)

  • 2-3 years of work experience (preferred)

  • Residence or employment in Calgary, Fredericton, Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver, or Thunder Bay.

  • Candidates are recruited from corporations, professional associations and community groups

  • Candidates have completed the BoardMatch Fundamentals Board Orientation Learning module

  • Interested and enthusiastic professionals  

  • Interested and enthusiastic  individuals from diverse backgrounds

Criteria for charity / not-for-profit participation in the BoardMatch Fundamentals program

  • Registered Charity / Not for Profit Status
  • Located in Calgary, Fredericton, Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver or Thunder Bay
  • Directors & Officers’ liability insurance in place for the benefit of board members.

Note: In the Greater Toronto Area, BoardMatch Fundamentals is currently available to registered charities only. In Calgary, Fredericton, Greater Vancouver, and Thunder Bay, BoardMatch Fundamentals is available to both registered charities and not-for-profit organizations with charitable purposes.


Upon completion of the registration process (including the Voluntary Sector Organization orientation learning module) you may post available board positions, search for prospective candidates to invite to interview with your organization and receive board candidate alerts. 


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