BoardMatch® Fundamentals helps place knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers on the Boards of Directors of charitable organizations.

In the Greater Toronto Area, these organizations only include registered charities.

In Calgary, Fredericton, Greater Vancouver and Thunder Bay, both registered charities and not-for-profit organizations with charitable purposes are included.

BoardMatch Fundamentals has placed over 2,400 talented board members on the boards of over 650 charitable/non-for-profit organizations. Our participating organizations range in size and scope and include Big Brothers and Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, The Canadian Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, local United Ways , and Volunteer Centres. This program is presently available in Calgary, Fredericton, Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver and Thunder Bay.

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Board Candidates are recruited from diverse backgrounds of skill sets, life experiences, ethnicity and age. In todays climate, participating organizations are encouraged to have their boards reflect the mosaic of their community.  Candidates come with enthusiasm and knowledge of voluntary sector board service.

Katrina Follows K2 for Altruvest is a fundraising initiative organized by Rob Follows, Founder and Chair, and the Altruvest team with the objective of increasing awareness of Altruvest and inspiring new contributions that will ultimately help hundreds of charities improve their capacity and performance.

K2 is known as the Savage Mountain due to the difficulty of ascent, the second-highest mountain after Everest; only 299 people have climbed it compared to about 2600 individuals that have climbed Everest. All contributions will go directly to the Fund as all expedition costs will be paid by Rob Follows and STS Capital Partners. This climb symbolizes the journey that charities must take on a daily basis. Please join us in our efforts to raise the awareness and the dollars to help Altruvest continue to build stronger charities and communities

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